CareShare is a unique (and new) child care option.

CareShare addresses gaps in the existing child care system

  • Lack of high quality child care, particularly for the youngest in many communities (high quality desserts)
  • Long, long waiting lists for infants at the high quality programs
  • Extremely expensive
  • Child care workers are poorly paid, in Ohio, an average of $9.70 an hour

“When early educators leave early learning environments, it disrupts the consistent, nurturing environment that developing children need to thrive.” and “Teachers who are in infant classrooms are making substantially less than those in pre-school classrooms,” [source]

How Does it Work?

Families are matched to others who wish to form a “Share” in a particular neighborhood or community.

Families decide on the Share’s basics, such as hours, location, values. CareShare expert staff are available to assist families to design the Share.

Once the Share is formed, the families choose from qualified caregivers who have been thoroughly vetted by CareShare.

CareShare employs the caregivers, processes payroll, pays the taxes, and carries insurance.

CareShare collects the family’s payments, and provides documentation of those payments for tax purposes.

CareShare supports the families and their caregivers with resources such as training and technical assistance, to ensure high satisfaction.

CareShare families gather regularly to “tweak” their Share.

CareShare provides small groups, personalized care, families choose from qualified caregivers.

Is more affordable and flexible than other forms of high quality child care.

Workers are paid at least 50% more than the average child care worker. Benefits include paid holidays and 10 days of paid time off per year “On average, early educators earn a wage of about $9.86 per hour—putting them toward the bottom of the wage-earning percentile across all occupations, which leads to high rates of employee turnover.” [source]

When you join CareShare, you’ll share the costs so that your child’s caregiver a minimum of $15.00 an hour.